42nd International Convention   ·   July 18-22, 2016

Buddy Buttons

You’re my Buddy, so I bought you a Button!

For a fun way to wear your union pride and share those sentiments with your fellow delegates, visit the PEOPLE booth to purchase Buddy Button pins for $1 apiece!

Never quit buttonSi se puede buttonSister solidarity buttonStickin with the union button

Surprise your colleagues and pay it forward by buying someone a buddy button and leaving them a note on the Buddy Button Board on the opposite wall of the PEOPLE booth.  Throughout the convention, your buddies will check the board to see who left them a Buddy Button note!  With note in hand, proceed to the PEOPLE Booth to redeem your button.  Whether you pay it forward at convention, or purchase a bunch to take home to your AFSCME co-workers, Buddy Buttons are a fun and colorway to wear our union message!

Buddy Buttons and note cards are available at the PEOPLE booth.  Choose from 4 expressions of union pride including, “Sister Solidarity,” I’m Stickin’ With My Union,” “Si Se Puede!,” and “Never Quit.”

All proceeds from Buddy Button sales benefit AFSCME PEOPLE.

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